"I have experienced the pleasure of a full-body massage from Katonya. I was able to fully relax and do nothing but enjoy the massage. I had problems with my neck resulting in a headache, but after the massage I was completely pain free and absolutely relaxed. Katonya has a lot of knowledge and a talent, not just concerning massage techniques but also in making people feel comfortable. Thank you for the amazing experience!"

Karolin S.


"Katonya's work is very thorough and complete! She is in tune with her clients' needs and preferences. My career is both physically and mentally straining, but I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated after my massage!"

Anna C.


"Before, during, and after my massage, Katonya was very professional but also put me at ease.  She has a very calming tone, and the overall setting of the massage was very peaceful.  I enjoyed the massage immensely, and felt that she was very knowledgeable about the different areas that needed attention.  Thanks, Katonya!"

Lisa S.


"Katonya uses the perfect amount of pressure to give an effective, yet soothing massage. I have received deep tissue work in the past and always found it very painful. However, Katonya was very gentle and added on the intensity very gradually. Also, her workspace is so relaxing! My favorite massage therapist by far!"

Kendra W.


"How lucky I was to be a practice client for Katonya as she sailed through her rather difficult/technical  training at Spa Tech. Every time she learned a new skill I was fortunate enough to experience it. She learned and improved quickly. She is a natural at making you feel comfortable and well taken care of. I hope others will get to experience this wonderful service from Katonya. I sure will."

Jonathon C.


"I had never received a massage before because I was always worried about feeling uncomfortable. Katonya converted me. Her perfect blend of professionalism, knowledge, and skill really helped me relax and enjoy my massage. I have since returned to her a number of times and have always been extremely satisfied! Katonya makes you feel comfortable and secure. I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. She's really wonderful to work with".

Marshall S.